Fyll i detta formulär vid publicering av er iPhone App till iTunes AppStore.

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Developer ID

Fill in your credentials so that we can connect to your iOS Developer account.

Company Name

Provide the name upon which you want your app to be published by. Attention, once this name is given to Apple, it cannot be changed. All the apps published from your Apple account will be attributed to this name

iPhone / iPad / iPod touch for testing

1. Plug your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) to your computer and open iTunes.
2. Go to the information page of the device and click on the text “Serial number”. This text will change into “UDID”.
3. Copy the UDID. To do so, immediately after having displayed the UDID in iTunes, go to the menu Edit > Copy.
4. Register in the fields below the name and UDID of the devices where you will test your app before its submission to the App Store.

Your app can only be tested on the iOS devices registered in this form.

Application name

The name of your application that will be visible on the store


The subtitle appears under the name of your app on the store

App language

If the language of your app is not on this list, choose English.

Promotional Text

This text appears at the top of your description in the App Store. You can edit this text at any time on App Store Connect.


This information will be displayed in the App Store.
Take care of the text you write here. It must prompt the user to download your application.

Notes to Apple

Please answer IN ENGLISH 200 chars minimum:

  • What is the purpose of this app and its interest for the end-user?
  • Who owns the content of the app? Is the owner of the app also the owner of the Apple developer account?

We remind you the the Apple Developer Program License Agreement states that the entity/person that sends the app to the App Store MUST be the same that is running the app/editing the content of the app! If needed, you must be able to prove Apple that you have the legitimacy to publish this app on a given Apple Developer Account.


Choose a category where people can find your application. Read more about this here ->


Who owns the copyright of this app


This e-mail will appear in the description of your app

Support URL *

A valid URL for your users to contact you

Privacy Policy URL *

More information on the Privacy Policy 


Enter keywords to describe your application. Separate them with commas. Try to avoid using terms that are too generic such as “News”.

Price and availability

By default, your iOS application is free and available in all countries. You can modify these settings in the Pricing tab of your App Store Connect account once your application is submitted to Apple.


Applications must be free of any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content (text, images, etc.) that Apple may find inappropriate for the App Store.

Unrestricted Web Access means the user can access external websites from the app (a Youtube video or an external url for example). The rating of your app will be 17+ if you select YES (but be honest to Apple, or you risk rejection).

App Review Contact Information

Apple will use this information to contact you in case of need. It will not be visible on the App Store.